Mandro  and  Chase Geotechnique ,  throughout their  30 years of activity,  have maintained a strong and active research and development department. The group  experts led by our mentor and managing director using considerable databases have carried out numerous research projects, some in collaboration with well-known universities and research  institutions.

Of these projects, over 30 papers have been published in well-known professional journals and international conferences.

presented  in  A list of these  publications is presented herein.  Numerous other topics are  available in-group archives and available by permission.

Remedial work for reduction of differential  settlement in heavy  structures: 

This method, which is developed by Mandro was first used to in a  large cement silo which had  differential  settlements of about 65 centimeters. 

Using specially designed steel chains, the underlying soil was sawed off in thin layers, such that  the structure was tilted back to an almost horizontal position.   



Collapsible Soils:

Extensive study on  understanding  the  behavior  of  collapsible soils  has been done at  Mandro's R&D   department.

A mathematical model has been developed, using the stability of large voids or macro-pores in the soil body, and taking into account parameters  like  degree of saturation, void ratio,  article sizes, cementation agents, and  loading characteristics.

Numerical simulation is   possible by implementing this model.

The brown areas in   the Iran map shows the existence

of the collapsible soils.  




Partially Saturated Soils:

Another research area that  has been  studied by us is the behavior of partially saturated soil. The experimental and mathematical  studies show that the  preferential orientations  of macro-pores, which are  influenced by the  type of deposition, affect the  volumetric strains of  soils at various saturation ratios.




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