Semi-Submersible Geotechnical Vessel, with advanced heave-compensated derrick, high-powered wireline drilling equipment, and  seabed template, capable of drilling in deep waters.








Deep Water Vibro Corer:

State of the art self propelled Hydrostatic system, capable of working in up to 3000 meters  of  water, can  penetrate  the seabed  up  to 15 meters and acquire undisturbed sample.







Deep Piezo Cone System:

Electrical Piezo Cone with hydraulic drive capable of penetration through more than 100 meters in the seabed continuously measuring tip resistance, friction, and pore pressure.    








Amphibian Geotechnical Vessel, an adept vehicle for drilling in near

shore waters, in water depths from 1 to 20 meters.







Geotechnical Drilling Jack up Platform.








The floating platform Aras is designed to perform off-shore geotechnical investigation up to 60meters of water depth. Aras has rotary drilling rig as well as the equipment for cone penetration test with pore pressure measurement .It has four point mooring and four point tension legs to resist lateral and vertical motions during the operation which






Other Equipment:


 Coring equipment: Vibro-Suction Corer, Gravity Corer, and Suction Corer.

 Testing Equipment: Downhole Seismic Refraction with SeismoCone, SPT,

 and Vane shear testing.


 Mandro Artemis, Geotechnical Vessel.

 Mandro Arta, Mooring Vessel.